Graduation is in sight and end of term parties, dinners and social events are planned Read more

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Perserverance, luck and skill have all come together for Tuck MBA student Vera Read more

The admitted MBA class of 2013 will spend weekend at Tuck to get a taste of their potential future life at the school Read more

Students took the opportunity during spring break to visit a variety of exotic destinations. Many went on school-organised learning expeditions.  Read more

With the winter term behind her, Vera takes stock of the courses she studied before heading off for a well-earned rest Read more

To raise funds to sponsor summer internships, students have been gathering donations for an auction. The trick is to be creative and get people to think about what they enjoy doing and can share with others Read more

How organisations manage disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, provides valuable lessons for MBA students Read more

The advertising strategies behind this weekend’s Super Bowl are as interesting as the game itself Read more

At Tuck, the first week of every term is course picking week, also known as add-drop week. We get the opportunity to try all the classes we are interested in, in order to make a final choice before the week is over. Read more

Now that I am finally on holiday it’s time to think about what I want to get out of the last two terms of business school. Everyone says it goes by too fast, so how can I make sure I really make the most of it? Read more

One of my side roles at Tuck (besides the full time job as a student) is to be Tuck Ambassador for Portugal. This means I am responsible for representing Tuck’s ‘brand’ in my home country and talking to any potential students who are considering applying to Tuck. Read more

We’re finally done with our Tuck Global Consultancy project. We had the final presentation to the client today and got great feedback on our results. Read more

These last couple of weeks have been pretty interesting – I am now typing from another train station, waiting for the train to take me to the Champagne region in France. Read more

This time I am writing my post from a train in France, the highspeed (TGV) between Paris and Angers, in the Loire region. Meet Tuck Global Consultancy! Read more

Fall term is officially over. I just turned in my last exam. For second year Tuckies, fall term ends just before Thanksgiving, so I thought I would write down my favourite moments from my first term as a second year: Read more

This week we had our Diversity Conference here at Tuck. It was a weekend focused on showcasing Tuck’s inclusive community to a host of prospective students. Many of my classmates were working hard preparing this conference for a while, to make sure we had the right selection of panelists, speakers and alumni. Read more

Everyone complains about how the first year of an MBA programme goes by so fast and the second year even faster and time flies and the MBA has gone by in a flash. Read more

This week we had to rank our courses for the winter term. This is the first step of a little bit of Tuck magic that allows most students to take all the courses they are interested in during their time at Tuck. Read more

Everyone will tell you that an MBA is a great opportunity to meet and study among truly amazing people. It’s very true that in the beginning everyone has a moment where they think “am I the only one who hasn’t run a marathon yet?” But after a while it gets old and you stop noticing. Until a story like this shows up in the Financial Times one morning! Read more

One of the craziest things about business school is how many visitors we get. Not personal (although my mom did just come over for a couple of weeks. Hi mom!). Read more

One of the questions I often get asked by first years here at Tuck is “so, how is the second year”? I know this question comes from having a really stressful time in the first year and the hope that what’s ahead will be better and easier to deal with. So the short answer is: yes, the second year is better.

 Read more

Two weeks ago we had our reunion weekend here at Tuck. This year’s attendance was a record 860 alumni and families, coming not only from the US but also Australia, Japan, Argentina and all over the world, to be together at Tuck again. Read more

Today I must give a big shout-out to the first year Tuckies. They just had their last exam for the first term of their first year. Here at Tuck, the Fall term for the first year is split in two, Fall A and Fall B, because there is just so much to learn. Read more

I have just had a visit from a friend from Portugal who is doing her MBA overseas and is on an exchange programme in Boston this term. Like me, she is a city girl at heart – we both grew up in Lisbon and lived in London before school, so I was worried she wouldn’t like it here “in the middle of the woods”. Read more