A week ago, 499 students graduated Insead in Singapore and Fontainebleau as part of the class of July 2011. They join the more than 40,000 alumni in 160+ countries around the world.  Read more

Although the MBA programme at Insead is nearing the end, the pressure continues for the students Read more

I just finished, what was for me, the most intense period at Insead so far. P4 is the period when the bulk of on-campus recruitment takes place and there are company presentations/dinners/workshops/networking events every single day for almost the entire seven-week period. Read more

Switching campuses and moving from Singapore to France has brought with it many changes Read more

Diverse cultures and nationalities virtually guarentee an interesting evening when a group of MBA students get together Read more

In a blink of an eye, I’m now already 40 per cent finished with my programme. P3 has started and I think it’ll prove to be the best period yet. Read more

Given that I studied business as an undergrad and later worked in finance, my perspective on the MBA programme can be quite different from someone with a non-business background. Therefore I interviewed my good friend Patricia to get her thoughts of the Insead programme from a “poet’s” point of view. Read more

This year marks Insead’s 10th Anniversary of its Asia campus and as part of its celebrations, the school hosted its annual leadership summit, which brings together leaders from business, academia, politics and the media in a vibrant setting with an opportunity for thought-provoking discussions and networking. Read more

Study. Party. Sleep. Choose two out of three in business school. Read more

One of the best things about Insead is the diversity of its students. And to encourage cross-cultural exchanges within its eclectic student body, Insead National Weeks were born, where students from one nationality put together a week of activities to showcase their country’s culture, food and music, etc. Read more

When one thinks of business school, one imagines classes like finance, accounting, marketing, etc, but rarely do people pay any attention to organisational behaviour (OB). Read more

In the last six weeks, I have taken a road trip through Scandinavia, said goodbye to Frankfurt, travelled through Borneo and finally settled into my new apartment with two wonderful roommates in Singapore, to begin my 10-month journey through Insead.

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