The Scottish highlands: tough team challenges helps to develop management skills © Image by Getty

The work started before the actual adventures when all MBAs completed a self and peer assessment on their team roles. Essentially, you are evaluated on the basis of your own and others’ perceptions of your work style, and categorised into one of nine classifications or a combination. My top three results were resource investigator (outgoing), plant (creative) and shaper (drive). After receiving custom tailored reports, MBAs were then assigned to teams. Read more

Beijing: Tsinghua University tends to draw a multidimensional class  © Image by Getty

One of my favourite elements of life as an MBA student has been the shared experiences with my cohort. As is true of most of the schools represented in this blog space, Tsinghua in Beijing tends to draw something of a multidimensional class every year, which has been extremely worthwhile for me. Read more

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Having moved my life 5,000 miles across the world to Edinburgh to sit in a classroom for the first time in six years, so I knew starting an MBA would be daunting. Read more

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During my time in Africa, I had a lot of time to think. It is a continent of waiting: waiting in traffic; waiting in lines; waiting to get things done. I knew this when I decided to come here. But I did not understand how much waiting there would be. Read more

Being a TA for Chicago Booth’s entrepreneurial finance and private equity summer courses has given me a better understanding of the material I learnt myself earlier in the year Read more

Accra, the capital of Ghana

Accra, the capital of Ghana  © Image by Getty

It takes some getting used to a place with regualr power outages and ridiculous amounts of traffic and where days must be planned with precision Read more

Here are some guiding principles to successfully navigate questions from potential employers or investors and make a good impression Read more

If you are considering applying to Harvard Business school, here’s an insight into the some of the sorts of classes you can expect Read more

Simulation game imitated a factory floor to teach operations management skills

Simulation game imitated a factory floor to teach operations management skills

Playing the Littlefield simulation game over seven days taps into the competitiveness of MBA students and helps develop a better understanding of the challenges of managing a factory floor Read more

During a talk by various leaders of Standard Bank in Johannesburg there is a light bulb moment – after two terms at Said Business School the finance speak is starting to make sense Read more

To implement strategies such as inclusion, engagement and collaboration takes tough changes driven by imagination and perseverance Read more

Africa has a long way to go, and faces various challenges but there are so many opportunities for disruption Read more

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What happened to my first quarter at business school?

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The autumn semester at Harvard Business School was the most enjoyable, so far. Here are some key take aways… Read more

One of the most interesting and enriching things about the Durham MBA is the diversity of its cohort, which brings many different points of view Read more

Shortly before the half-time break of her MBA journey, Laura Melina Loeven reviews her first experiences as an MBA candidate, looks back on her initial challenges as a business school student in Southeast Asia and shares her relocation experience when moving to Singapore Read more

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