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Wing Lee, Ceibs

The new year brings with it the promise of exciting opportunities as well as the search for a summer internship Read more

Kyle Wu, Thunderbird School of Global Management

One new blogger looks back on his first term at business school which was a whirlwind of work Read more

Kelvin Chiu

With his MBA under his belt one blogger believes that despite the hard work and challenges and economic uncertainty he would whole heartedly recomment studying for the degree Read more

Mark Partridge, University of Washington

It has been a very busy period for one blogger who despite studying on a full-time programme has continued to work part time, adding an additional layer of complexity to an already busy life  Read more

Ashish Rastogi, IIM Calcutta

After a term away on a management internship one blogger has returned to campus to find it abuzz with activities. Read more

Ibad Hyder, National University of Singapore

In my previous posts I have alluded to the fact how quickly time passes during an MBA programme. This might seem to be a repetition, but considering the lightening speed with which November went by, I cannot help but appreciate this aspect of life as an MBA student. Read more

Mark Partridge, University of Washington

A trip to California and Silicon Valley is the perfect opportunity for students to network with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs and get an understanding of what life could be like post-MBA Read more

Andi Caruso, SDA Bocconi

What are the advantages of studying in Europe v studying in the US? One blogger was has had experience of both gives a few tips to would-be students Read more

Lee Mrnjavac, Iese Business School

The job search has been described as a blow to one’s self confidence, but one MBA blogger urges his fello MBAs to persevere and to be prepared to compromise  Read more

Aman Modi, IMD Class of 2012

Despite feeling overworked and consumed by his MBA programme, one blogger confesses he has been having the time of his life ,  Read more

Katie Sherning, Cranfield School of Management

As the pace of the term picks up, pressure intensifies for the MBA students with multiple assignments and numerous deadlines Read more

Kelvin Chiu

An exchange visit for a term gives an MBA student an insight into different cultures and also provides the opportunity to learn a different language Read more

Stephen Garden, London Business School

Studying for an MBA gives students access to individuals and companies that is not generally available Read more

Ernest Kwame Gyimah, European School of Management and Technology

In September, nine months into my one-year MBA programme, I gave an interview to a video journalist who was working with my school. Read more

Diana Mak, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

Innovation is a large part of life in Beijing. A three-day seminar gave students the opportunity to experience it to the full Read more

Katie Sherning, Cranfield School of Management

A written case assessment – with only 25 hours to complete it – proves an exacting but exciting task for the MBA cohort and gave students the opportunity to use many of the economic theories they have been taught  Read more

Lubica Valentova, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

Group assignments are a wonderful opportunity to learn from your peers, but working together can lead to tensions. There will often be as many opionions about a problem as there are members of the group.  Read more

Katie Sherning, Cranfield School of Management

This week the focus has continued on our core term one subjects: accounting, economics, strategic decision science, operations and the supply chain, strategic marketing and organisational behaviour and personal and professional development. Read more

Mark Partridge, University of Washington

For many business school students the interview season is upon them and recruiters are flooding the campuses. Students find that they have to prepare carefully and do their homework ahead of any interview Read more

Nicole Hawkins, Fuqua School of Business

Recently, I was speaking with a prospective student who asked me how I split my time between academics, extracurricular activities, and my social life. After thinking about the question for a few seconds, I told him that he was missing one, recruiting. I gave him a breakdown of how I spent my last week before explaining to him what recruiting looked like at Fuqua. Read more

Lee Mrnjavac, Iese Business School

With the end of the MBA programme in sight many students have embarked on interviews for consulting positions.  Read more

Aushima Thakur, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

It is the fag end of my MBA, two more months and we will be done. I will be a free soul again. Read more

Hajime Sudo, Bradford-Perugia joint MBA programme

The end of the MBA programme is a time for reflection, but for many the beginning of new careers Read more