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Since I have moved to Chicago for business school, the first thing my non-Chicago friends ask, long before they ask about Booth, is whether or not I like deep-dish pizza. Deep-dish is Chicago’s signature and gooey take on the otherwise thin and crispy student staple. The inhabitants of my native New York City tend to look down on deep-dish as an imposter, a bread bowl filled with tomato soup hiding in a pizza box. My diplomatic response? I like deep-dish, but I do not think of it as pizza. Read more

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One question I get more often than any other is why I chose an online programme over on-campus. Read more

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This summer I got the ball rolling in preparation for my MBA at Copenhagen Business School with a little inspirational book reading. Read more

High risk: Wharton encourages agressive ambition and is the ideal place to test your limits

“How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams?” This quote from the film Up in the Air, staring George Clooney and Anna Kendrick, poignantly sums up so many of our situations. I am an abstract, creative thinker by nature. My goal was to work in an area such as advertising. However, when recruiting season began at university, I saw that full-time positions in my industry opened the following May, while all my classmates aiming for other industries secured jobs in October at twice my target salary. Read more

Talking with graduates of your preferred school can help you avoid unnecessary mistakes Read more

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During my time in Africa, I had a lot of time to think. It is a continent of waiting: waiting in traffic; waiting in lines; waiting to get things done. I knew this when I decided to come here. But I did not understand how much waiting there would be. Read more

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When reflecting on my experience of writing application essays I immediately remember struggling to reach the word count. Read more

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Often referred to as a ‘happy surprise’, serendipity has formed the basis of many movies, novels and stories. However, in recent research about the innovation process in organisations, serendipity is used to describe innovation as “the act of finding answers to questions not yet posed”. Read more

Although many business schools require one or more essays to be submitted with an application for an MBA or other course, entry to the USyd MBA is by interview only. But candidates are shortlisted for interview following submission of a one-page statement on the expected professional and personal benefits of doing the MBA. Having been on the programme for a year now, I am often asked what to include in the statement. My advice is always to be honest. And get someone to proof read what you write. Based on my experience here are 10 tips for writing a successful statement:

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I recently downloaded a neat productivity app called Clear, whose £3.99 price-tag seemed pretty steep for a simple, stripped-back and user-friendly list tool. Given my MBA workload, it turns out it is a bargain. What’s more, you also get an enlightening quote after each list you clear. My first was “an ant on the move does more than a dozing ox”, which was said by Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer. Read more

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Being a TA for Chicago Booth’s entrepreneurial finance and private equity summer courses has given me a better understanding of the material I learnt myself earlier in the year Read more

Once you start digging into it, there are three common themes that business schools are asking for Read more

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Despite the challenges the Brexit vote brings, I remain thankful for all that I have learnt this year, for the opportunities given to me and for the ability to apply for a Tier 1 visa. Stay tuned as I await the results of my application…

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IE Executive MBA Essay in Prezi format.

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