The contrast between real life and business school whacks you over the head like a blunt hammer every time you search for a new fancy-dress costume Read more

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IE Executive MBA Essay in Prezi format.

We are who we are and our experiences are what they are; we cannot change them. The key was finding the voice and focusing effort on influencing the delivery Read more

I have looked back over my past two years and distilled what I loved most, while some of my cohort also offer their thoughts Read more

'Who are you?': Booth in Chicago set an ambiguous and challenging essay question

If the school was anything like its vague and challenging request then I had found the place for me Read more

A project examining the UK’s Senior Managers Regime has meant weekly train trips from Edinburgh to London for interviews at global banks while trying to write my thesis Read more

You need to demonstrate broad knowledge but also illustrate a real understanding of your chosen topic Read more

Business school actually helps to reaffirm who you already are while allowing for a period of experimentation Read more

Those who know you best can be a good sounding board for ideas while an extra pair of eyes can help fine tune grammar, clarity and flow Read more

I found out things I did not even know I wanted just by having to describe my life looking from a different angle Read more

Accra, the capital of Ghana

Accra, the capital of Ghana  © Image by Getty

It takes some getting used to a place with regualr power outages and ridiculous amounts of traffic and where days must be planned with precision Read more

Many benefits of an MBA may not be tangible, but the support from the networks provided by such programmes is certainly invaluable Read more

Birna Einarsdóttir offers candid leadership advice having guided the bank through the financial crisis – this is exactly the sort of exclusive value an MBA provides  Read more

There will always be managers, regardless of degree or experience, who find it difficult to work with others. But it would be a mistake to bash MBAs based on anecdotal evidence Read more

Singapore skyline

Singapore, where people from all corners of the world unite in their differences  © Image by Getty

Pursuing a programme in one of the world’s top tourist destinations has taught me to connect with a place, not just see it Read more

Ghana's capital city, Accra

Ghana's capital city, Accra  © Image by Getty

This summer seemed like a perfect opportunity to mix and match knowledge gained from classes including Business in Africa, Technology/Operations, Global Strategy and Leadership Read more

Research is important when developing a marketing strategy but it is critical when you need to understand as much as possible about a specific audience Read more

Director Steven Spielberg addresses students at Commencement, advising students to be heroes of their lives as there are so many villains to fight Read more

Influenced by all manner of encounters, my mind has been opened in ways I would never have expected  Read more

Football manager Chris Coleman got Wales to the semi finals of the European Championships, showing effective management is having the power to bring people along with you © Getty

People tend to have a preferred style which is then overused, but you can learn to blend different techniques Read more

After some data-crunching I came up with the ranking of all MBA rankings, but imagining myself living in certain places is what really helped me decide Read more

Being able to adapt to different situations and thinking about how to manage your attention rather than time can help to manage work and the other demands of everyday life Read more

Rotman Convocation 2016

Graduation at Rotman: a memorable day for all

It is a time-old question, but the right programme develops you professionally and personally while broadening your horizons Read more

A business school’s alumni network provides invaluable industry insights, while career advisers can help with applications Read more

A recent energy conference, hosted at Said, was an opportunity to find out about post-MBA opportunities in a sector that is doing some good things Read more