Piyush Jain, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Back at school for the winter quarter, Piyush Jain sees the entire mood change as recruiters arrive to campus  Read more

Prakhar Gautam, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Taking a break from his studies, Prakhar Gautam describes the other activities available to him  Read more

Owen Woolcock, London Business School

Owen Woolcock attends an event at London Business School to hear NYU professor Thomas Philippon present his latest research  Read more

Merih Ocbazghi, Kellogg School of Management

Having finally secured a summer internship, Merih Ocbazghi shares his tips on the interview process  Read more

Marta Szczerba, Harvard Business School

Heading back to the US after her trip to Latin America, Marta Szczerba describes lessons learnt from consulting local businesses Read more

Gareth Rees, University of Bath EMBA

Faced with his first case study exams, Gareth Rees considers the value of certain modules Read more

Michael Wieder, Imperial Business School

Meeting the chief executive of Asos is a highlight for Michael Wieder during his first term back  Read more

Monica Dee, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Monica Dee, one of our Asia-based bloggers, ends the holiday season on a high with a charity challenge Read more

Domitilla Ferrari, EMBA SDA Bocconi

When it comes to achieving gender equality in business, Domitilla Ferrari thinks her classmate sets a good example Read more

Charlotte Clarke, Communities Editor

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Planning to study for an MBA? Ask our panel of experts for advice on Wednesday, January 28 2015, from 2-3pm GMT. Register now to participate.

On the panel are:

  • Ilian Mihov, dean of Insead
  • Chioma Isiadinso, chief executive of Expartus
  • Keith Bevans, a partner at Bain & Company
  • Philippa Rock, an MBA student at Wharton
  • Della Bradshaw, FT Business Education Editor

Submit your questions on the right-hand side of this post.

For more information, take a look at the FT Global MBA 2015 ranking of the top 100 schools. 

Philippa Rock, The Wharton School

Philippa Rock asks her classmates to share their experiences of Antarctica, New Zealand, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and South East Asia Read more

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Victoria Michelotti, NYU Stern

Victoria Michelotti is impressed by a school forum on racism which makes her think twice about her role in the world of business  Read more

Kshitij Gopal, National University of Singapore

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Monica Dee, Chinese University of Hong Kong

On a visit to Taiwan, Monica Dee considers business ideas that will revive the country’s agricultural industry  Read more

Charlotte Clarke, Communities Editor

Before any student can dive into the dynamic world of an MBA, they are faced with a long application process. Months can be spent choosing a programme, filling in forms, writing admissions essays, finding letters of recommendation and taking the GMAT or GRE. So what is the best approach to take? We asked a selection of FT MBA bloggers to share their advice:

Merih Ocbazghi, Kellogg School of Management: “The most difficult part of the process for me was the time between submitting the application and hearing back from the schools. This can be an incredibly nerve-wracking period as it feels like your entire future hangs in the balance. What helped me was to return (briefly) to my pre-application lifestyle. Reunite with those friends that you had to neglect due to studying for the GMAT, rekindle that hobby of yours that you didn’t have time for anymore. The worst thing you can do is spend too much time trying to put yourself in the admissions officers’ shoes – this will likely drive you crazy which is not a good situation for anyone.” Read more

Philippa Rock, The Wharton School

With her first semester complete, Philippa Rock returns to England to catch up with friends then finds time to go on a school ski trip  Read more

Omar Khan, University of Sydney Business School

Before starting his second year of business school, Omar Khan reflects on the highlights of his first year Read more

Marta Szczerba, Harvard Business School

Marta Szczerba describes a school trip to Argentina, where she is being teamed with five classmates to work on a consulting project Read more

Michael Wieder, Imperial Business School

Michael Wieder, one of our UK-based bloggers, is making the most of all the extracurricular activities available to MBA students  Read more