Silicon Valley: trek's to places such as the west coast are just some of less traditional ways MBAs secure jobs  © Image by Getty

Historically, business schools have had very structured recruiting processes. Mainstream employers, including investment banks, consulting firms and large corporations, would invest heavily in organising on-campus presentations, hosting mixers and invite-only dinners at fancy restaurants and the occasional handing out of doughnuts and apple cider in between lectures, all in an effort to win students attention and create goodwill. Read more

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Having moved my life 5,000 miles across the world to Edinburgh to sit in a classroom for the first time in six years, so I knew starting an MBA would be daunting. Read more

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You will find Columbia Business School connections everywhere. Interning in Hong Kong earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend a CBS alumni club event myself. Read more

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During my time in Africa, I had a lot of time to think. It is a continent of waiting: waiting in traffic; waiting in lines; waiting to get things done. I knew this when I decided to come here. But I did not understand how much waiting there would be. Read more

Establishing strategic relationships is a key part of progressing your career. But what is the best approach in identifying and building these relationships? Read more

Accra, the capital of Ghana

Accra, the capital of Ghana  © Image by Getty

It takes some getting used to a place with regualr power outages and ridiculous amounts of traffic and where days must be planned with precision Read more

An engineering background coupled with an MBA is a powerful combination  © Image by Getty

How an MBA experience can effectively marry each profession’s different skill sets Read more

The ambassadors of Rwanda and South Africa give an insider’s view on the development plans for Africa and the achievements of two of its emerging economies  Read more

Mastering the art of silence can reduce stress and improve concentration skills Read more

Oxford students cheer on their team

There are obvious things to expect from business school – such as consulting war stories and brilliant CEOs speaking to your classes. And then there are the less obvious things such as the MBAT, or MBA Tournament, an annual sporting event for MBA students from around Europe. The tournament at HEC Paris has been running for the past 25 years on the French school’s campus in Jouy-en-Josas. This year there were more than 1,300 competitors from about a dozen schools in about two dozen sports. Read more

Africa has a long way to go, and faces various challenges but there are so many opportunities for disruption Read more

A meeting with a former chief executive of Scottish and Southern Energy about a business idea offers confidence for the future, but the MBA is still the priority Read more

The event, held at a different location every year, saw MBA cohorts from different business schools around the world come together at the Florida city’s university Read more

At first I often wondered why students spent so much time within the CBS community, given that we are located in New York. Then over time I understood: a meaningful relationship has been slowly nurtured Read more

In a cabaret-style event we celebrated the mistakes, the mishaps and the learning curves of the entrepreneurial journey.  Read more

Expert insights show the nation’s economy is still viable in the long term but could be threatened by an ageing population Read more

Selling anything is hard, but selling yourself can be the most difficult thing of all Read more

MBA Student in Singapore, the author reports on the MBA Olympics, an interscholastic sport event hosted by her business school. After many months of mental effort, physical exercise was a much welcomed change. Read more

As we finished the end of the MBA specialisation period, the COP21 Climate Change Summit reached a deal here in Paris. Read more

Social entrepreneurship and philanthropy may be different but as the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative shows the two are becoming more connected  Read more

Providing the perfect opportunity to invest in real companies, the fund’s pool of money can be distributed to current students, alumni, faculty and staff who are working on interesting for-profit projects Read more

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