Owen Woolcock, London Business School

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Michele Lagioia, European School of Management and Technology

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Sam Peter, Saïd Business School, Oxford

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Michael Wieder, Imperial Business School

Michael Wieder, one of our UK-based bloggers, finds himself running a market stall with his MBA peers and is struck by how competitive everyone gets Read more

Victoria Michelotti, NYU Stern

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Marta Szczerba, Harvard Business School

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Emily Ambrose, Stanford Graduate School of Business

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Amar Naik, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

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Domitilla Ferrari, EMBA SDA Bocconi

Domitilla Ferrari, our Italy-based blogger, describes the value of class representatives on her executive MBA programme  Read more

Merih Ocbazghi, Kellogg School of Management

Merih Ocbazghi, one of our US-based bloggers, notices a remarkable change on campus as recruitment season sets in Read more

Piyush Jain, UCLA Anderson School of Management

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Kshitij Gopal, National University of Singapore

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Philippa Rock, The Wharton School

Philippa Rock, one of our US-based bloggers, uses the Thanksgiving break to summarise her business school experience to date  Read more

Charlotte Clarke, Communities Editor

On Tuesday December 2 2014 between 2-3pm (GMT), a panel of experts answered readers’ questions about studying in Europe.

On the panel were:

Moderated by Charlotte Clarke, Communities Content Editor


Marta Szczerba, Harvard Business School

Considering the career directions of her classmates, Marta Szczerba says Harvard MBA students can be broadly classified into three camps Read more

Michael Wieder, Imperial Business School

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Omar Khan, University of Sydney Business School

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Gareth Rees, University of Bath EMBA

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Owen Woolcock, London Business School

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