Timo Marquez, HEC Paris

Taking some time to think about the MBA experience from a personal and professional view point, here are some insights worth sharing Read more

Pawan Kaul, London Business School

The event, held at a different location every year, saw MBA cohorts from different business schools around the world come together at the Florida city’s university Read more

Brenden Sheehan, Thunderbird School of Global Management

Brenden Sheehan shares his most valuable lessons learned during his MBA Read more

Jess Webb, University of Edinburgh Business School

Make money but make an impact while you are at it Read more

Rosen Enchev

A simulation game in which teams in the class virtually cast their nets demonstrated the need to start thinking more long-term Read more

Sílvia Simões, IMD Business School

Female inequality can seem overwhelming, but like many of life’s complex problems it can be tackled one step at a time Read more

Philippa Rock, The Wharton School

I had a 100-hour study target, which was broken down into weekly objectives for the number of questions to complete in each of the sections Read more

Eduardo Alvarado Vásquez

After thinking the subject was simply the science of advertising, I discovered it could, in fact, be an ally in daily clinical practise Read more

Tim Hesler, Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA

After submitting to the gauntlet, I thought it was done and out the way. In retrospect, however, it was more the opening chapter than the final one Read more

Bo Zhang, Columbia Business School

At first I often wondered why students spent so much time within the CBS community, given that we are located in New York. Then over time I understood: a meaningful relationship has been slowly nurtured Read more

Jess Webb, University of Edinburgh Business School

In business, we must always challenge what companies are doing and how are they doing it. There is no one-fits-all solution to good management. Read more

Stephen Morse, Said Business School, Oxford

I have never heard anyone say they were not admitted to a business school because they submitted the scores of this alternative test Read more

Sunny Sheng, Copenhagen Business School

There are plenty of resources even if you do not join a course, and you can further your problem solving skills through books and online channels Read more

Apricot Wilson, Ceibs

Going into the test with limited preparation turned out to be not such a bad approach Read more

Karun Jain, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

I took four full-length mock tests before the actual GMAT and thoroughly analysed each result Read more

Luca Sabia, Durham Business School

What is important is the process of studying for the test, the challenge faced Read more

Stephen Morse, Said Business School, Oxford

Further insights on leadership, strategy and operations from former officers, based on what they learnt while in service Read more

Brian Parsons, Warwick Business School

Friday evening plans go out the window as a group assignment is set at midday and due to be presented to the class the next morning Read more

Tim Hesler, Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA

Legal training and experience can be an advantage, but sometimes it can present itself as something of a double-edged sword Read more

Jess Webb, University of Edinburgh Business School

In a cabaret-style event we celebrated the mistakes, the mishaps and the learning curves of the entrepreneurial journey.  Read more

Stephen Morse, Said Business School, Oxford

Former officers offer leadership, strategy and operations insights based on what they learnt while in service Read more

Kim Johnstone, The University of Sydney Business School

These are the tricks to get it done and still have a life… Read more

Laura Melina Loeven, Nanyang Business School

Singapore’s Nanyang Business School hosts the Southeast Asia regional round of the Venture Capital Investment Competition Read more

Last week the FT held its third MBA Quiz, deftly compèred by the FT’s management columnist Andrew Hill, writes Tatjana Mitevska. The teams taking part share their thoughts Read more

Pawan Kaul, London Business School

While trying to break the world record for a song sung by most nationalities, I understood what multiculturalism really is Read more