Career services

For any MBA an essential part of going to business school is the support received from career services. Being shown the correct way to write a CV or how best to present yourself at an interview can make the difference between getting a job offer or not Read more

The first three months of the MBA programme have been packed with activities and the time has flown Read more

Life at IMD has changed for the past couple of weeks. No more lectures, case studies or assignments. There are also less people walking around and the restaurant feels empty. 

No need to worry. There are no strikes in Switzerland. It is just that many students are away in places such as Sao Paolo, Shanghai, Finland or India, for their international consulting projects. Read more

School doesn’t start for a couple months, but four weekends ago, I had the opportunity to attend Admits Weekend in London. Read more

Few people return to their old jobs after an MBA. Read more

I was asked to speak on a panel and give advice to the new promotion about my experience with job hunting.

 Read more

We have only been studying for seven weeks, but we already have to answer this question : what job do I want to do next year after graduation and how do I get it ? Read more