Case competition

Laura Melina Loeven, Nanyang Business School

Singapore’s Nanyang Business School hosts the Southeast Asia regional round of the Venture Capital Investment Competition Read more

Abhinav Charan, Cambridge Judge MBA

When retweeted Professor Allegre Hadida’s FT interview link to his 11 million followers, it reminded me of Malcolm Gladwell’s theories on ‘social epidemics’. It takes the gumption of very special individuals to make the ‘law of few’ come out alive. Read more

Sonal Yadav, Brigham Young University

Want to battle stress and nerves, thrive under pressure, work the group dynamics and remain unfazed by ambiguity? Try an MBA case competition. Read more

Alexandra Fitzgerald, Rotman School of Management

Alexandra Fitzgerald, MBA blogger, reveals what a typical business school day is like for a student at Rotman  Read more

Abhinav Charan, Cambridge Judge MBA

As Abhinav settles into his MBA programme he discovers that his days are filled with business school organised events, but there was still time to enjoy the fireworks Read more

James Doherty, Esade Business School

Cultural differences come from many different directions and the more subtle ones can be the hardest to overcome Read more

James Doherty, Esade Business School

For one blogger the value of team work was brought home to him in a recent case competition.  Read more

Ibad Hyder, National University of Singapore

In my previous posts I have alluded to the fact how quickly time passes during an MBA programme. This might seem to be a repetition, but considering the lightening speed with which November went by, I cannot help but appreciate this aspect of life as an MBA student. Read more

Kelvin Chiu

The MBA programme is over it seems before you know it, that is why it is wise to make the most of every opportunity Read more

Nathaniel Lang, Kellogg School of Management

I was a member of one of two teams representing The Kellogg School of Management at the Wharton Buyout Case Competition. Read more

Beth Bremner, HKUST

Wow. What a week. I landed back in cold, grey Hong Kong this morning. It is a far cry from the sunny beach-side walk in San Diego on Saturday after the San Diego State Sports case competition. Read more

Beth Bremner, HKUST

Every year our school has entrants to the business plan and case competitions around the world. It is all new and exciting as we get to travel to places most of us have never been before. Read more