Imperial College Business School (left to right): Jonathan Lai, Stephen Zhang, Ram Ananth, Aditya Khera and team leader Will Thorne. Credit: David Parry/FT

“Which French bank was fined a record $8.9bn by a US court after pleading guilty to helping clients bust sanctions against Sudan, Iran and Cuba?” asked quizmaster Andrew Hill in this year’s FT MBA Quiz. “BNP Paribas” responded the team from Imperial College Business School and with that they had won – defending their championship title for a second yearRead more

Monica Dee, one of our Asia-based bloggers, ends the holiday season on a high with a charity challenge Read more

This month I have completed an interesting MBA subject in the field of innovation leadership. A week-long intensive covered traditional Innovation topics such as itellectual property, research and development as well as less obvious strands of innovation including process innovation. Read more