Beijing: Tsinghua University tends to draw a multidimensional class  © Image by Getty

One of my favourite elements of life as an MBA student has been the shared experiences with my cohort. As is true of most of the schools represented in this blog space, Tsinghua in Beijing tends to draw something of a multidimensional class every year, which has been extremely worthwhile for me. Read more

After submitting to the gauntlet, I thought it was done and out the way. In retrospect, however, it was more the opening chapter than the final one Read more

Legal training and experience can be an advantage, but sometimes it can present itself as something of a double-edged sword Read more

The conversation that continues to resurface is not so different from China itself Read more

As China’s capital remained shrouded in pollution, my own fog lifted as I got to grips with what corporations need to do to improve sustainability and balance economic development with environmental issues Read more

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Omar Khan, our MBA blogger in Australia, reflects on his first semester at business school  Read more

Niladri Gupta was part of a small team from Lancaster University Management School which took part in a UK-China entrepreneurship competition. Over a period of a few months the team learnt a great deal, especially how to tackle cultural issues between the markets of the UK and China Read more

Andrew Radin has one word of advice for students considering studying a language while doing their MBA: Don’t. Read more

After nine months of planning and recruiting, this past weekend my colleagues at MIT Chief and I finally hosted the 3rd Annual MIT-China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (MIT-Chief)Read more

Part of an MBA programmes focuses on doing business in leading economies. Nicole took advantage of an exchange trip to travel to Beijing to see at first hand how business operates in China Read more

Cultural differences come from many different directions and the more subtle ones can be the hardest to overcome Read more

Studying for an MBA in China gives students the opportunity to learn about the business environment and culture first hand. Read more

The end of the MBA programme is drawing closer, but there remains the written thesis to complete  Read more

With a long summer break it is easy to become distracted and postpone coursework and reading assignments, but there is always a day of reckoning Read more

An MBA trip to China has been a highlight of the programme and fuelled one student’s curiousity to learn more about the country  Read more

Although formal classes have yet to begin life is already busy for one MBA blogger as Mandarin classes and cultural visits take up much of his time  Read more

International visits give MBA students the opportunity to experiences different cultures and different ways of doing business Read more

There are many perils inherent in generalising from the particular, nowhere more so than in China. Read more

The end of term break provides a much-needed rest for students and the opportunity to visit far-flung places Read more

I’ve been trying to think of words that would adequately describe our study trip to China and most fall short – fascinating, amazing, mind-bending – these words together start to paint a picture of our week long trip to businesses in Shanghai and Beijing. But above all else it was great fun. Read more

An international study trip gives students the opportunity to experience a different culture  Read more

“Day without a change is day when one is dead” sums up the attitude of never ending striving for improvement and progress in China.

 Read more

An international residency offers the opportunity for a more global perspective  Read more