Corporate finance

The holiday season allowed time for reflection on the MBA programme so far and has also created a greater awareness of international business affairs  Read more

With graduation little more than a month away Miguel has no regrets about studying for an MBA Read more

January brings with it a new term and a new team. Ceibs places a big emphasis on team tasks – you get given a team each term and most of the class assignments are done and submitted as a team. Read more

It is 2 am. Read more

I will have to pick a stock for next week for the Cima club, to be able to apply to value investing later. Read more

I read in the Financial Times the other day: “An increasing amount of money should be directed into emerging markets in the next 10 years as investors realise they can buy better value at a better price and lower risk than developed markets, says Mark Mobius, fund manager of Temit and executive chairman of Templeton Asset Management”. Read more

Well, here I am writing this blog when I really should be studying for my impending exams – it is just so difficult to choose what to prioritise. Read more