In the third part of our live series with guest expert Chioma Isiadinso, co-founder of consultancy Expartus and former admissions officer at Harvard Business School, we continue answering questions submitted by students interested in applying for an MBA.

Join in on Thursday, 23rd July 2015, between 2pm and 3pm BST. To submit questions, email ask@ft.com or use the right-hand side of this post.

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Meeting the chief executive of Asos is a highlight for Michael Wieder during his first term back  Read more

The final and make-up exams are over. Now I have a three-week holiday ahead, without the stress that comes from all the evening classes that are hard to attend on time due to the heavy traffic load in Istanbul, the lack of concentration on topics after a long and tiring work day and the attempts to stay awake in order to be able to prepare for the mid-term and final exams. Read more

The end of term saw the first round of final examinations. Unlike my undergraduate degree when I had sleepless nights cramming, I was ready for these exams and strangely excited about the challenge. Read more

It is the exam period and John Hayden reports that examinations and coursework “have tried to suck the life out of me”. But he admits that he found the entire exam period strangely liberating and is now beginning to feel more confident with his new skills  Read more

At the end of the first year of her online MBA programme Linda Groarke looks back and asks herself what went well. Lack of face-to-face contact with her peers has been a problem for her she says Read more

A hectic time for students with exams, competitions and assignments to complete ahead of a much-needed break Read more

Although the academic workload at an IIM is a heavy one, nevertheless there are plenty of opportunities for fun and relaxation Read more

If you keep your wits about you, there are examples of case studies in every-day experiences which might come in handy when facing exams Read more

Cass MBA Students have been on a “break” since the 16th December. I have placed “break” in inverted commas as we had our final exams in the early part of January. Read more

The end of the MBA is in sight, but there remains a final hurdle Read more

Despite exams and late night classes the MBA programme at Tsinghua is highly enjoyable  Read more

For many MBA students the last exam they took was as an undergraduate, now they remember once again what it is like to face a competitive test Read more

It is a huge relief to be done with my first set of MBA exams. The bounce in my step has finally returned. But even though exams are over, the course content I studied remains front and centre in my mind. Read more

The group work assignments are now over and first-term exams are right around the corner. All the MBA students are revving up to write five massive exams over four days.

 Read more

Only one week to go before a month in Argentina and Uruguay. Punta del este for 20 days. I will be broke, but the second bankruptcy should not be as hard as the first one. Hope so. Read more

It’s amazing that in just two weeks I will be done with my first quarter at LBS. The more I think about it, the pace of business school reminds me of the pace of working in investment banking.

 Read more

We are now midway through Michaelmas term (which is Oxford-speak for first semester) and the pressure is definitely ramping up. My MBA classmates and I have roughly half a dozen group assignments that are due within the next three weeks and we have to manage these work commitments along with studying and preparing for exams.

 Read more

Today I must give a big shout-out to the first year Tuckies. They just had their last exam for the first term of their first year. Here at Tuck, the Fall term for the first year is split in two, Fall A and Fall B, because there is just so much to learn. Read more

Last Thursday was the last day of our third term final exams. Read more

The exams are finished and so is my first official semester at the University of Miami. Read more

After just two full weeks of class I am happy to report that mid terms are about to begin. [Insert awkward silence here]. Read more

Put your hand up if you enjoy exams. Read more

After a 10-day break I am back in New York. It is 8.55 am and I am about to leave home. Read more

This period has been much harder than I expected in terms of workload.

 Read more