Global consulting project

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The summer spent on a technology transfer project was time well spent, allowing a group of MBA students the opportunity to study the technologies and then come up with fresh insights into marketing potential and the steps needed to commercialise the research Read more

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I always realise that what I value most from an experience is not what I had thought I’d value. Or to paraphrase advertising guru, Rory Sutherland, “All value is perceived value”.

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I don’t know if it’s a company’s dream or nightmare when a gaggle of over-eager MBAs barge through their doors, promising to fix their most pressing problems. Read more

Lately I’ve been feeling like my world has two distinct realities. I’m either a kid in a candy shop with a hundred dollar bill and too excited to know what to choose or I’m a beggar on the street with a cardboard sign that says, “Have passion and brains. Want work I love…”

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