Graduation ceremony

Brenden Sheehan, Thunderbird School of Global Management

In his convocation speech at Thunderbird School of Global Management, the Republican representative says no success in the corporate world can compensate for failure at home Read more

Jaya Sharma, Manchester Business School

After 18 months of study, Jaya Sharma graduates from her MBA programme  Read more

Lee Mrnjavac, Iese Business School

In his final blog, with his MBA under his belt, Lee Mrnjavac looks back on his time at business school and urges others who might be considering studying for an MBA to go ahead and do so. Read more

Lidija Pehak Kolenko, Essec Business School

I cannot believe but a year has gone by just like that. The day of graduation came and I was still not able to imagine that this was the end, that everything was done. That day I had so many mixed feelings. Read more

Alex Ferrari, University of Miami

This past week, I was selected by the faculty to give a speech during our graduation award ceremony.

 Read more