Group work

It is the exam period and John Hayden reports that examinations and coursework “have tried to suck the life out of me”. But he admits that he found the entire exam period strangely liberating and is now beginning to feel more confident with his new skills  Read more

Working in a team would seem to be a straightforward way or working, however when you are working in a group on an MBA project teamwork takes on a whole new meaning Read more

Once an MBA programme begins, students find their days taken up with coursework, meetings, seminars, industry talks and various student activities. Time seems to fly by Read more

To mark the end of the first section of the MBA, teams of students were assigned a company facing a challenge. Their brief was to examine strategy, organisational behaviour and accounting and come up with recommendations.  Read more

With a lighter work schedule Alanna has taken the time to fulfil one Oxford tradition – she has taken up rowing  Read more

With the first term over, time management has been one of the most important lessons learned Read more

I’m sure we’re not alone at Tsinghua in having plenty of final exams coming up at the end of this semester. Read more

Many full-time MBA programmes kick off the academic year with fun, outdoor team-building exercises. The Saïd Business School MBA programme is no exception. Our entire class of 250 MBA students just took part in The Oxford Pursuit and the experience was amazing. Read more

First of all Happy New Year to you! It’s the beginning of my second week back in classes after our way too short winter break when I travelled through Prague, Vienna and Budapest with my friends. The past week was probably one of the toughest I’ve had in my entire time here at VlerickRead more