Sunny Sheng, Copenhagen Business School

I have been away to neighbouring Sweden to discover my leadership style – the trip pushed me out of my comfort zone, but it was a chance to apply theoretical leadership to real tasks Read more

Julia McInnis, Chicago Booth

What happened to my first quarter at business school?

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Laura Melina Loeven, Nanyang Business School

Every Monday morning, Professor Gibbons walked into the lecture theatre with a smile on his face. Read more

Brenden Sheehan, Thunderbird School of Global Management

Brenden Sheehan shares his top 10 quotes on leadership Read more

Kristina Koch, Rotman School of Management

On entering the second half of her MBA, Kristina Koch analyses how things change  Read more

Stephen Morse, Said Business School, Oxford

Stephen Morse describes what millenials really want  Read more

Timo Marquez, HEC Paris

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Michael Wieder, Imperial Business School

Michael Wieder shares five things he has enjoyed this term Read more

Victoria Michelotti, NYU Stern

Victoria Michelotti feels empowered after listening to a talk by a civil rights activist Read more

Victoria Michelotti, NYU Stern

Victoria Michelotti describes her school trip to Japan with nearly 100 classmates Read more

Michael Wieder, Imperial Business School

Michael Wieder describes his first week at business school, meeting lecturers and joining societies Read more

Jennifer Soffen

Harvard Business School blogger Jennifer Soffen has graduated and now faces a future in which there will be few benchmarks.  Read more

Andrew Radin, MIT Sloan

Last week, I walked into the MIT Sloan admissions office conference room for a prospective student lunch. In an effort to spark conversation, on the whiteboard was written, “What is your favourite Sloan memory?” I immediately wrote SVST on the board. Read more

Anne-Marie Conn Favillier, IAE Aix

Anne-Marie Conn Favillier believes it is a mistake to ignore emotions in business, they are after all the very base of human behaviour she says. The job of leaders today is to unleash human potential which means embracing emotion Read more

Andrew Radin, MIT Sloan

MBA blogger Andrew Radin believes that having a great team stems from developing real relationships.  Read more

Hammad Hussain, IMD

Hammad Hussain has finished his MBA programme at IMD. He feels that he has learnt much, however as he resumes his career his eyes are now wide open to new opportunities Read more

Johanna Singer

Can leadership be taught? Even though she has had classes on the topic Johanna Singer is still unsure Read more

Diana Mak, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

As she graduates from Guanghua School of Management, Diana Mak reflects on the final year of her programme. Her MBA has given her the courage and inspiration to accomplish her goals.  Read more

Helen Casey, Imperial Business School EMBA

What is the difference between management and leadership? One blogger has the answer Read more

Brigitte Roediger, University of Stellenbosch

A talk by the outgoing dean of the University of Stellenbosch Business School provided food for thought for one MBA blogger  Read more

Eunice Benedicto, Durham University Business School

For one MBA blogger her programme is almost at an end. But the final module on leadership and the charity consulting project was an enjoyable finale Read more

Katie Sherning, Cranfield School of Management

The MBA programme gives students the opportunity to understand many aspects of leadership, including the dreaded press conference. Read more

Brigitte Roediger, University of Stellenbosch

What is leadership? A lecture given by Dr Ian Sutherland to students at the University of Stellenbosch raised some interesting questions for one MBA student Read more

Lynne Hoey, IE Business School Global MBA +

What is leadership? A networking event on Mindful Leadership was an opportunity to gain a real insight into the management expertise of two Fortune 500 executives Read more

Thomas Pedrick, University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business

Staying up all night to watch the sunrise sounds like fun, but in fact for one blogger it made for a very tiring series of lectures the following day  Read more