Kim Johnstone, The University of Sydney Business School

A recent group project highlighted that while technology offers the potential for lots of tricks, it may not be what an organisation needs Read more

Michael Wieder, Imperial Business School

Michael Wieder describes his first week at business school, meeting lecturers and joining societies Read more

Niladri Gupta, Lancaster University Management School

Is there really an MBA bubble now, a fellow student asked me last week. “It depends!” was my quick retort. Read more

Jaya Sharma, Manchester Business School

New blogger Jaya Sharma is enjoying the fast pace of her programme at Manchester Business School, but there is little time for luxuries such as friends and sleep Read more

Lynne Hoey, IE Business School Global MBA +

Already two classes – marketing and financial accounting – are almost finished for one blogger, seven weeks into the programme. The MBA is hard work, however the highs definitely outweigh the lows Read more

Mark Partridge, University of Washington

With the end of his two-year MBA programme in sight Mark Patridge is determined to make the very most of all his last moments at business school Read more

Katie Sherning, Cranfield School of Management

With the first term over and exams and assessments completed it is now just a question of waiting for the exam results and enjoying the growing friendship of the cohort Read more

Katie Sherning, Cranfield School of Management

Despite the heavy workload one MBA blogger has found the time to explore the nearby countryside including a visit to the University of Cambridge  Read more

Wesley Cole, Cass Business School

If you keep your wits about you, there are examples of case studies in every-day experiences which might come in handy when facing exams Read more

Andrea Nowack, George Washington University

Washington DC is known for its political and business activity, but it is also a leading hub for the sports industry  Read more

Hajime Sudo, Bradford-Perugia joint MBA programme

Learning about marketing gives students the opportunity to understand the intricacies of brand strategy and various marketing models such as Swot analysis Read more

Mehul Ruparelia, Indian School of Business

The recruitment season is about to begin at ISB and recruiters are visiting the Hyderabad campus to give an indication of what roles they will be looking to fill in the coming months Read more

Julia Steinberg

Last weekend, I ordered a take out from a local restaurant. My wait time was more than twice as long as it was supposed to be, the staff were rude and the food was cold when I finally received it. Read more

Mehul Ruparelia, Indian School of Business

With the first term over, time management has been one of the most important lessons learned Read more

Miguel Suarez, IE Business School

Last week was the official culmination of our first term. We sat in a room for 80 minutes and rushed through calculations on securities, depreciation and stocks to finish our financial accounting exam. Read more

Vera Guerreiro, Tuck School of Business

The advertising strategies behind this weekend’s Super Bowl are as interesting as the game itself Read more

Vera Guerreiro, Tuck School of Business

At Tuck, the first week of every term is course picking week, also known as add-drop week. We get the opportunity to try all the classes we are interested in, in order to make a final choice before the week is over. Read more

Pranay Harsh, Wharton School

For past few months I have been trying to decide which area I’d like to focus on when it comes to choosing my major. As of now, the “official” majors that I am most interested in are entrepreneurship and marketing. Read more

Vladimir Vano, WU and Carlson

“When You Love Her, Nothing Else Matters”, is a Slogan that Outsells Major Global Coke Brands. Read more

Barbara O'Beirne, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business

Four thousand three hundred and fifty pages were assigned to us as “essential reading” for this seven-week term (yes that is 4,350 pages in seven weeks!).

 Read more

Thomas Gatley, Tsinghua University School of Economics & Management

Many marketing strategies in China are pretty blunt and lacking in imagination. Such strategies do little to combat the broadly held perjorative view of China as the arch-imitator. Read more

Thomas Gatley, Tsinghua University School of Economics & Management

Yesterday I and a team of volunteers from my class finally completed the project that we had been working on for the last six weeks. Read more

Alex Ferrari, University of Miami

Today’s entry is a speech that I had to prepare for a class. We were asked to identify an area of business that interest us and talk about it. I chose online marketing and why every company should adopt an online marketing strategy that includes a website, SEO/SEM and Social Media. Read more

Jonathan Kay, University of Southern California Marshall school

I wasn’t sure if I should be worried or proud. The week before my second year of business school began, I stood 12 rows back from my favourite musician, Bob Dylan. Read more

Seda Saracer, SDA Bocconi

As I have mentioned, I have done my three-month long MBA summer internship in the brand marketing department of KitchenAid Brand – the luxury brand of Whirlpool. I worked in Whirlpool’s European headquarters and had the chance to work with colleagues from all over the world. Read more