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Beijing: Tsinghua University tends to draw a multidimensional class  © Image by Getty

One of my favourite elements of life as an MBA student has been the shared experiences with my cohort. As is true of most of the schools represented in this blog space, Tsinghua in Beijing tends to draw something of a multidimensional class every year, which has been extremely worthwhile for me. Read more

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Campus recruiting can be a blur. You may have a plan, but find you really have little idea how things will end: that hedge fund internship you were going to lock down suddenly becomes elusive; the consulting firm you said you would never go back to becomes your home; and the classmates you are competing with for an offer become your family. Read more

High risk: Wharton encourages agressive ambition and is the ideal place to test your limits

“How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams?” This quote from the film Up in the Air, staring George Clooney and Anna Kendrick, poignantly sums up so many of our situations. I am an abstract, creative thinker by nature. My goal was to work in an area such as advertising. However, when recruiting season began at university, I saw that full-time positions in my industry opened the following May, while all my classmates aiming for other industries secured jobs in October at twice my target salary. Read more

Being a TA for Chicago Booth’s entrepreneurial finance and private equity summer courses has given me a better understanding of the material I learnt myself earlier in the year Read more

Many benefits of an MBA may not be tangible, but the support from the networks provided by such programmes is certainly invaluable Read more

My ability to relax is still not optimal but as I engage more in mindfulness I hope I can achieve a decent work-life balance throughout my career Read more

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What happened to my first quarter at business school?

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One aspect of Wharton that has not changed over the past year is the intensity of business school life. Balancing academics, recruiting, time with friends and extracurricular activities has been as challenging as ever Read more

As we finished the end of the MBA specialisation period, the COP21 Climate Change Summit reached a deal here in Paris. Read more

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Meet one of the teams shortlisted for the final of the FT MBA Challenge  Read more

Meet one of the teams shortlisted for the final of the FT MBA Challenge  Read more

Meet one of the teams shortlisted for the final of the FT MBA Challenge  Read more

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Meet one of the teams shortlisted for the final of the FT MBA Challenge  Read more

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