MBA Life

Piyush Jain, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Piyush Jain, one of our US-based bloggers, describes his first three weeks of business school  Read more

Kshitij Gopal, National University of Singapore

Kshitij Gopal, our Asia-based blogger, compares the differences between his school in Singapore and the one he is currently based at in Barcelona  Read more

Jaya Sharma, Manchester Business School

Jaya Sharma, one of our UK-based bloggers, shares tips from a technology conference at her school  Read more

Philippa Rock, The Wharton School

Philippa Rock, one of our US-based bloggers, describes her first few weeks at business school  Read more

Michael Wieder, Imperial Business School

Michael Wieder, one of our UK-based bloggers, reflects on what he would like to achieve at business school  Read more

Owen Woolcock, London Business School

Owen Woolcock, one of our UK-based bloggers, describes office life at one of the most recognisable companies in the world  Read more

Gareth Rees, University of Bath EMBA

Gareth Rees, our MBA blogger at the University of Bath, reflects on the differences between studying for an MBA and an executive MBA Read more

Omar Khan, University of Sydney Business School

Omar Khan, our MBA blogger in Australia, reflects on his first semester at business school  Read more

Domitilla Ferrari, EMBA SDA Bocconi

Domitilla Ferrari, our MBA blogger in Italy, struggles to describe the value of her course Read more

Philippa Rock, The Wharton School

While going through the MBA admissions process, I was keen to find out about others’ perspectives on everyday life as an MBA student at the schools I was considering. This blog is written with thanks to those who shared their reflections before me and with best wishes to anyone considering business school in the future. Read more

Domitilla Ferrari, EMBA SDA Bocconi

When I was young, every summer my first thought at the end of the last lesson at school was what colour my next bikini would be. Read more

Domitilla Ferrari, EMBA SDA Bocconi

New blogger Domitilla Ferrari has learnt a lot since joining SDA Bocconi’s evening EMBA programme. Here she lists her top 10 takeaways so far Read more

Atul Agarwal, Warwick Business School

A group of students from Warwick Business School spent an enjoyable week in Vancouver. Many were so impressed they are eager to return to the city post-MBA Read more

Helen Casey, Imperial Business School EMBA

What is the difference between management and leadership? One blogger has the answer Read more

Helen Casey, Imperial Business School EMBA

With her MBA drawing to a close Helen Casey looks back on her business school experience and realises she has made some friends for life Read more

Helen Casey, Imperial Business School EMBA

What is it like to work with someone who is studying for an EMBA? One employer details his experiences Read more

Lee Mrnjavac, Iese Business School

At the heart of being an MBA student is teamwork and the importance of the team cannot be overestimated Read more

Sean Brady, Open University Business School

I have now finished two of the six units I will be completing in the first year of the Open University Business School MBA programme and I am beginning to feel that I am treading water with a little more confidence. Read more

Katie Cannon, London Business School

With half her MBA programme under her belt Katie is eager to see what the second year will hold  Read more

Ryan Conway, Thunderbird School of Global Management

An internship at a centre for scientific and technological research in Mexico broadens the experience of a group of Thunderbird MBAs Read more

Chloe Weisberg, Stern School of Business, NYU

Love is in the air, and it’s not even spring yet. My friends and former colleagues had advised me that the MBA programme is where people find new career paths, new networks of friends and business contacts and (for many) new love. While the first two ‘new finds’ were quite obvious to me, love has definitely prevailed amongst my classmates. Read more

Gleana Albritton, Vlerick Leuven Gent

After a four-day stretch with no classes for the full-time MBA programme at Vlerick, I have spent my last two days off catching up on secondary research for a few projects with impending deadlines.

I realised this morning for what seems like the millionth time that secondary research is probably one of my least favourite things to do in school; especially when I think of all the other things I could be doing instead, like updating my CV, grocery shopping, uploading photos, checking Facebook or catching up on some of my favourite blogs. Read more

Gleana Albritton, Vlerick Leuven Gent

The past week has been one of the most intense since I began my MBA at Vlerick. The pressure keeps building and I am constantly reminding myself that this phase of the programme is the easy part. Things will get a whole lot tougher after our winter break in late December.

Yesterday I began my day at 5:50am which for me was a lot earlier than usual. I got up, grabbed a yogurt out of the fridge and proceeded to eat it while checking my e-mail and tweeting about how early I woke up. Yes! I am the queen of multi-tasking. Read more