It seems many already have an opinion about the value of an MBA – “it is a cash cow” or “why don’t you just send some emails on LinkedIn, schmooze at networking cocktails, and take an online finance course?” I beg to differ, and I say that especially as a woman.

Despite recent efforts by companies to recruit more women into the C-Suite, fewer women choose to pursue a post-graduate business degree compared with men. Out of my 327 peers at the University of Oxford’s Said Business School, for example, 36 per cent are female. And yet, while that number may seem low to some, it is still higher than other European MBA programmes. Workplace equality may have progressed over the past few decades, but the gendered workforce and misguided expectations on women persist. Read more

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Since starting the evening and weekend MBA programme at Haas, I have found that the combination of work and classes has made me more engaged in both pursuits. My brain is constantly thinking about applications of our coursework to my job and at work I have seen frameworks I have learnt in classes click into place. Read more

Beijing: Tsinghua University tends to draw a multidimensional class  © Image by Getty

One of my favourite elements of life as an MBA student has been the shared experiences with my cohort. As is true of most of the schools represented in this blog space, Tsinghua in Beijing tends to draw something of a multidimensional class every year, which has been extremely worthwhile for me. Read more

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Campus recruiting can be a blur. You may have a plan, but find you really have little idea how things will end: that hedge fund internship you were going to lock down suddenly becomes elusive; the consulting firm you said you would never go back to becomes your home; and the classmates you are competing with for an offer become your family. Read more

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I did not plan to be in my thirties, taking on student debt, worrying about what to wear on my first day of school and cycling to class with a heavy bag. But here I am –with more than 300 other MBA students from around the world. Read more

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When starting your MBA programme, week one is something you expect to be memorable. Various thoughts run through your mind: will I get off on the right foot? Will I like my classmates? What did I get myself into? I got this. It is a right of passage. You introduce yourself a million times and put your small talking stamina to the test. Read more

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As you would expect, there is a steady stream of guest speakers leaving their impression upon eager MBA students at Warwick Business School – and no doubt across the dozens of other schools offering similar programmes. Read more

Going through the process of writing my MBA application essays was a journey of self-discovery.

Having spent the previous four years in fast-paced and demanding work environments such as consulting and ecommerce, I had not had the chance to step back and think about where my professional career was going. I had paid a lot of attention to my mid-term career plans, but not to where I wanted to be in 10 or 15 years’ time. Read more

IE Executive MBA Essay in Prezi format.

We are who we are and our experiences are what they are; we cannot change them. The key was finding the voice and focusing effort on influencing the delivery Read more

Accra, the capital of Ghana

Accra, the capital of Ghana  © Image by Getty

It takes some getting used to a place with regualr power outages and ridiculous amounts of traffic and where days must be planned with precision Read more

Many benefits of an MBA may not be tangible, but the support from the networks provided by such programmes is certainly invaluable Read more

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An engineering background coupled with an MBA is a powerful combination  © Image by Getty

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In business, we must always challenge what companies are doing and how are they doing it. There is no one-fits-all solution to good management. Read more

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