Suhel Banerjee, Kellogg School of Management

It was only once he was in his global MBA class that Suhel understood the meaning of global diversity Read more

Kelvin Chiu

In his first blog Kelvin Chiu feels excited but also a little apprehensive as he contemplates his MBA journey Read more

Brigitte Roediger, University of Stellenbosch

A break from the MBA routine gives Brigitte time to reflect on what the MBA has taught her so far Read more

Brigitte Roediger, University of Stellenbosch

With her school hosting MBAs from another continent, Brigitte has discovered that MBAs the world over appear to think alike Read more

Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

For the first time Oxford and Cambridge students collaborate to put on a Ted conference – where speakers discuss technology, entertainment and design.  Read more

Abhishek Ramanathan, Australian School of Business

With the first term finished students are beginning to take the programme more in their stride and are beginning to focus on the recruitment process Read more

Lidija Pehak Kolenko, Essec Business School

In May, Geneva once again played host to an exclusive event. It was the eleventh European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition, which I had the opportunity to attend. Read more

Barbara O'Beirne, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business

Opportunities present themselves in the most unexpected of circumstances and a fleeting conversation can change someone’s career path Read more

Barry Chien, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

The importance of networking and the value it can add to your career prospects has been brought home to Barry Chien Read more

Chloe Weisberg, Stern School of Business, NYU

Spring break gives MBA students the opportunity to discover different cultures as well as network with students from other business schools Read more

Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

Even though this blog is titled “The fine art of networking,” I’d just like to say that I despise the word “networking.” Read more

Pranay Harsh, Wharton School

The first semester at Wharton really flew by. It’s hard to imagine that I had arrived in Philly back in late July and that I’ve been there for more than five months now! Read more

Ryan Conway, Thunderbird School of Global Management

Well the trimester is now over and my final group deliverable for my business intelligence capstone course, a client presentation and white paper on the global energy market, was well received by both the client and the professor. Read more

Tyler Marcus, Fuqua School of Business

Networking can turn every business school student into a Ponce de Leon looking for the fountain of everlasting contacts. The process can unfortunately drift towards a more goal-oriented venture that ignores surrounding opportunities.

 Read more

Alex Ferrari, University of Miami

The last blog I submitted was MBAs and relocation and today’s topic revisits it a bit: MBAs and the infamous job search. Read more

Vera Guerreiro, Tuck School of Business

Everyone complains about how the first year of an MBA programme goes by so fast and the second year even faster and time flies and the MBA has gone by in a flash. Read more

Chloe Weisberg, Stern School of Business, NYU

I recently participated in the annual French MBA Conference, which was co-hosted by NYU-Stern and Columbia Business School. Read more

Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

Roughly two weeks ago I received an email from the SBS administration inviting me to join the dean of the business school at a high-powered business conference in London. I was told I would be granted a spot at the annual CBI conference (Confederation of British Industry).

 Read more

Miguel Suarez, IE Business School

The time has come. I quit my job in September, moved out of my apartment, packed up my suitcase and finally moved to Madrid this past week. What can be said in two or three lines took me and my wife months of preparation. The important fact is that we are now in the old continent getting to know our new home, our new school and our new classmates.

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Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

Over the last two weeks, my fellow MBA classmates and I have been inundated with full-day lectures: topics ranged from career advice to IT instructions, from fire safety to examination expectations.

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Ryan Conway, Thunderbird School of Global Management

Last week was a success in many respects. I was accepted on both the Leadership Edge and Campus Ambassadors programmes and the MBA Fair in Los Angeles allowed me to meet and network with some of my top target companies. Read more

Wendi Li, Insead Singapore

One of the best things about Insead is the diversity of its students. And to encourage cross-cultural exchanges within its eclectic student body, Insead National Weeks were born, where students from one nationality put together a week of activities to showcase their country’s culture, food and music, etc. Read more

Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

Since I arrived in Oxford on Monday, I can’t stop smiling. My heart is feeling all a-flutter. Frank Sinatra’s version of the song It’s Almost Like Being In Love keeps playing over and over in my head. Read more