Tristan Tucker, University of Queensland

At the two-thirds mark, Tristan reflects on his aspirations for his MBA when he started the programme. Networking he says is far and away the best part of his programme. 

Karenina Loayza, MBA Cass Business School

With half of the programme completed students are now able to handle team work with a greater degree of maturity 

Karenina Loayza, MBA Cass Business School

To mark the end of the first section of the MBA, teams of students were assigned a company facing a challenge. Their brief was to examine strategy, organisational behaviour and accounting and come up with recommendations.  

Lidija Pehak Kolenko, Essec Business School

The company project gives MBA students the opportunity to put their business lessons into practice 

Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

The opportunity to work on an entrepreneurial project can provide new areas of learning for students 

Jorge Millan, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Now midway through the second term Jorge is enjoying his studies much more because real topics are being discussed 

Barbara O'Beirne, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business

If there is one thing you definitely will learn on an MBA, it is how to present in front of judging eyes. Everyday in term one, one or more of the groups gave the class a presentation on diverse subjects ranging from “The Triple A Supply Chain” to “ Reforming Corporate Governance Post-Enron” to “Mobile Technology in the Developing World”, and – courtesy of our aeronautical engineer – one or two references to Airbus!


Seda Saracer, SDA Bocconi

We have just started a new course called applied decision making. 

Seda Saracer, SDA Bocconi

What falls under the category of “industry” according to SDA Bocconi’s Career Development Services is all those companies that provide products and services excluding consultancy companies and companies working in finance. 

Alex Ferrari, University of Miami

I have seen television shows that document a day in the life of a celebrity. I could not be further away from a celebrity but I wanted to share with you what a day in the life of student at the University of Miami’s one-year programme entails. 

Aswini Anburajan, Judge Business School

So I’ve been told that readers want to know how an MBA actually gets a job. Since I haven’t begun my job search yet, I decided to interview a friend who’s landed two jobs offers. Below you’ll read her take on what it took to get a job – but if you’re afraid of hard work and making sacrifices I don’t suggest reading on.