Silicon Valley

Michele Lagioia, European School of Management and Technology

Michele Lagioia, one of our Germany-based bloggers, describes the impact of his long-awaited international field seminar  

Ramesh Chander, Sai¨d Business School, Oxford

As part of the MBA programme students have the opportunity to visit various parts of the world, depending on their interests. Ramesh Chander from Said Business School, Oxford University opted for San Francisco and immediately fell in love with the city 

Andre de Haes, Stanford Graduate School of Business

What does it take to become an entrepreneur? One blogger from Stanford GSB suggests that all good entrepreneurs share certain attributes 

Stephen Garden, London Business School

A class in venture capital – from the basics of venture investing through to analysing prospective investments has been the best class to date according to one MBA blogger 

Mark Partridge, University of Washington

A trip to California and Silicon Valley is the perfect opportunity for students to network with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs and get an understanding of what life could be like post-MBA 

Ernest Kwame Gyimah, European School of Management and Technology

An international field trip gives MBA students first-hand experience of how businesses are being managed 

Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

The end of term break provides a much-needed rest for students and the opportunity to visit far-flung places 

Anthemos Georgiades, Harvard Business School

I spent the last week or so in Silicon Valley on an HBS ‘Immersion Experience Program’. While some of my friends were off meeting the Rwandan president or travelling around Latin America on different programmes or treks, 50 of us opted to go to Silicon Valley to learn more about consumer internet and clean-tech start-ups alongside some of our faculty.