Veena Viswanathan, Insead

FT MBA blogger Veena Viswanathan spent some time talking to Prof Massa, Insead’s professor of banking. Among the many topics discussed was whether Prof Massa believes that the school’s new Master in Finance programme will cannibalise the MBA programme. 

Niladri Gupta, Lancaster University Management School

If you take the time to talk to people you can discover a lot of information says MBA blogger Niladri Gupta 

Veena Viswanathan, Insead

A one-year MBA is an intensive programme and Veena has discovered that if you want to keep up with your smart classmates you need to study each and every day 

Hammad Hussain, IMD

MBA holidays are as much about making contacts, reviewing future employers and investigating the global economy as they are about lying on the beach and getting a suntan  

Aman Modi, IMD Class of 2012

I have not written in a long, long time, so let me get my apologies out of the way.  The last week of June was taken up by my participation in IMD’s “Orchestrating Winning Performance” programme and then it was an intense three-week break followed by an even more intense re-introduction to IMD life in South Africa and then the readjustment to Lausanne. 

Cezanne Maherali, Insead

Everyone is on a fixed schedule for the first two periods of the MBA programme. Our sections are allocated, our working groups are set, we sit in the same amphi for every class and we even have assigned seating. Feels like prep school all over again!