Spring break

Philippa Rock describes the plethora of activity taking place on her campus  Read more

Piyush Jain enjoys the chance to relax and choose more specialised electives  Read more

The spring break allows students a time for reflection and the opportunity to catch up with family and friends Read more

After a busy first term the Easter vacation provides a welcome respite with some students taking the opportunity to return home and others to travel around Europe and further afield  Read more

The end of term break provides a much-needed rest for students and the opportunity to visit far-flung places Read more

Students took the opportunity during spring break to visit a variety of exotic destinations. Many went on school-organised learning expeditions.  Read more

Just finished the accounting mid term. I only know two things: 1. I did actually learn much more accounting than I had imagined possible and 2. I am really, really happy the exam is over. Read more