The end of term saw the first round of final examinations. Unlike my undergraduate degree when I had sleepless nights cramming, I was ready for these exams and strangely excited about the challenge. Read more

Sometimes an intensive course is just what is needed to students to come to grips with a particular topic Read more

Beginning an MBA is always nerve wracking-, but throw in a typhoon and circus skills and you have an unusual start to the programme Read more

With the first term over, time management has been one of the most important lessons learned Read more

Today I must give a big shout-out to the first year Tuckies. They just had their last exam for the first term of their first year. Here at Tuck, the Fall term for the first year is split in two, Fall A and Fall B, because there is just so much to learn. Read more

Only a few days to go and the clock is ticking. My mind is preparing itself for the shock that will mean changing my whole life in less than a week. Read more

I walked out of statistics knowing less than when I walked in. I am one of the few who managed to stay awake in class. Read more