As part of the Nanyang Business School’s MBA curriculum, the batch of 2016 conducted a 5-day Business Study Mission to Japan. Twelve Japan-based multinationals welcomed the students from NBS to their office and offered truly inspiring insights into their corporate strategies. Melina Loeven presents a report of insightful discourses with Japan’s top leaders and summaries the key take-aways from her trip. Read more

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The sparkling Christmas decorations have filled us with happiness and excitement. The holiday season is the time for gifts and the time when families come together to celebrate. For many MBA students this time of the year also marks the time of final exams, paper deadlines and endless hours studying. Stress and tensions are undoubtedly high but these are the last obstacles before we reach that brief period of rest and recovery. Read more

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To mark the end of the first section of the MBA, teams of students were assigned a company facing a challenge. Their brief was to examine strategy, organisational behaviour and accounting and come up with recommendations.  Read more

One of the biggest challenges of any international and diverse business school is keeping the student cohort happy, because each of us has different expectations and a distinct approach to the programme.

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I remember Christmas 1998 vividly. I was in my last year of school and starting to realise the joys of independence and freedom. As presents I was given CK One aftershave, a new Ben Sherman shirt and a NOW 41 CD featuring East 17. Good times. Read more