As we finished the end of the MBA specialisation period, the COP21 Climate Change Summit reached a deal here in Paris. Read more

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At last the great occasion is over and London has confidently told the world in the words of Sebastian Coe that when its time came it did it right. This is the motivation I took from the spirit of the Olympic Games 2012 – making our lives count. Read more

An MBA gives students the opportunity to think outside the usual parameters and consider different ways of doing business Read more

Whilst doing our business research module in which we learnt about effective research and writing skills, our director of studies in Perugia Dr Zahid Hussain took us to visit an Italian company based in the nearby Marche region. Read more

I am writing this post on ‘Steve Jobs Day’, a commemoration in California of the loss of a true business leader and innovator.

The outpouring of such respect and emotion, demonstrated by the tributes left outside the Apple Store in New York City to a corporate chief executive is quite striking; notably because it is not something we are used to seeing in the business world. Read more

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Sustainability is not about knitting your own sandals or hugging trees (although maybe after reading this, you might be compelled to do one or the other); sustainability is a business strategy and it is good for business – plain and simple.

Ask Marks & Spencer, Patagonia or Interface FLOR – every time they make the “right” decisions, they make money. How we use energy and harness resources is becoming a critical issue for everybody. Sustainability is about future-proofing your business, managing resources more efficiently, eliminating waste and connecting with the community and environment where you operate. Read more

As I prepare to return to classes I have been working to complete all the last minute details so that I am fresh and ready to go.  Since I have been fortunate to have the last month free in between my internship and the start of the new trimester I have been focusing on my job search, including which employers to target and which job fairs to attend in the fall. Read more

Did I just hear those words?  Having been distracted by the brilliant 28th floor view of the Bay Bridge, I was quickly thrust back into reality.

As I was sitting in on a conference call with the Director of the Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) Corporate Partnership Program, the title referenced phrase is how he described the expectations of his business “partner,” FedEx’s chief engineer. It wasn’t too far off from the sentiment I was expecting when I first arrived here five weeks ago, although I must admit I didn’t hold quite the negative bias about it.  After all, I had searched out and taken a summer position with an explicitly environmentally oriented organisation for a reason. Read more