team work

A project management ive simulation threw up many unexpected problems and showed one MBA cohort the value of planning ahead and the importance of reading the contract  Read more

Business schools often try to entice potential students by promoting the collaborative nature of their programmes. This year, I witnessed what I believe are some of the best examples of collaboration and teamwork amongst my peers at the Saïd Business School.

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In his first week of business school, Wesley Cole learns to expect the unexpected  Read more

Climbing to the summit of Mt Cotopaxi was one of the most challenging events MBA blogger Pranay has ever done in his life, but he believes the lessons learned will stay with him forever Read more

The rather ominous looking gap in my lecture timetable this week is entitled ‘assignments’. Read more

One of the requirements we have here at Vlerick is to work in teams to write a business plan. Read more

The one thing that has pleasantly surprised me about pursuing my MBA at Vlerick is the non-competitive atmosphere of our programme. I believe that part of the reason for this, is that it is ingrained in the culture of the school and is a large part of the structure of our programme. Working as a group has literally been a part of the programme since our first introductory class with the Dean, where we were assigned to small groups to analyse our first case. Read more

As I sit alone in my apartment with an antibiotic bottle in one hand and used handkerchiefs in the other, I cannot help but think that the harsh Milan winter has started to show its face. My Milanese friends in the MBA class tell me that I have not yet seen the real “cold, cold” Milan days – a statement that rather scares me a little.

Coming from a relatively warmer city like Istanbul, even this cold and windy weather has been enough to make me catch a cold. Read more