Time management

Monica Dee, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Faced with a variety of tasks, our Asia-based blogger Monica Dee, is learning the importance of time management 

Andrew Radin, MIT Sloan

Andrew Radin has one word of advice for students considering studying a language while doing their MBA: Don’t. 

Jennifer Soffen

Following her internship with a venture capital firm Jennifer Soffen realised that there is no such thing as wasted time and research 

Linda Groarke, Open University Business School

Studying for an MBA online is a marathon rather than a sprint. Linda Groarke at the Open University Business School has some timely tips on studying and time management 

Helen Casey, Imperial Business School EMBA

Juggling the MBA with the rest of her life- both professional and personal – continues to be a challenge for one blogger 

Linda Groarke, Open University Business School

When studying for an MBA and working at the same time it is important to understand your learning environment and use the resources around you to help your MBA  

Lynne Hoey, IE Business School Global MBA +

Before embarking on her MBA programme one blogger has taken the time to organise her work and her personal life in pursuit of the elusive work/life balance 

Andrew DeLuca, WHU

Mastering time management is one of the most important skills that an MBA student can learn 

Wesley Cole, Cass Business School

Revision is a great way of committing knowledge to memory, especially when the spur is fear of failure and exam resits 

Sean Brady, Open University Business School

Periods of increased pressure, if approached in a positive frame of mind, can be both exhilarating and also highly productive 

Wesley Cole, Cass Business School

As an undergraduate time was something to be squandered, but now studying for an EMBA and working full time, one MBA blogger understands the importance of time management 

Karenina Loayza, MBA Cass Business School

As the MBA programme gets into full swing time management skills come to the fore  

Brigitte Roediger, University of Stellenbosch

With her school hosting MBAs from another continent, Brigitte has discovered that MBAs the world over appear to think alike 

Wesley Cole, Cass Business School

In selecting any MBA programme research is vital and the MBA blogs have provided an insight into what it is like to go to business school 

Brigitte Roediger, University of Stellenbosch

If I could have a drink every time someone said to me: “Ooh, part time, that’s the toughest way to do an MBA” I would be suffering from alcohol poisoning by now. 

Mehul Ruparelia, Indian School of Business

With the first term over, time management has been one of the most important lessons learned 

Miguel Suarez, IE Business School

A one-year MBA programme is extremely demanding and time management is essential to get the most out of the programme  

Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

Selecting what is important in one’s life inevitably means having to make sacrifices in other areas 

Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

If you think that an MBA is a chance to take a “break” from work for a year or so, then you should really think again  

Miguel Suarez, IE Business School

I have just finished reading tomorrow’s case for my Information Systems class and decided to relax and blog about an aspect that I feel is very critical to one-year programmes: managing our time and energy. 

Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

This week, everywhere you go in the Saïd Business School, you will see laptops flipping open, little Apple logos glowing and pencils scribbling. MBA classes are now in full swing.


Jorge Millan, Chinese University of Hong Kong

After two months of studying for an MBA at a top school, I can say that the secret of this MBA is Time Management. Time Management is very important inside every organisation, but also inside an MBA programme.


Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

Over the last two weeks, my fellow MBA classmates and I have been inundated with full-day lectures: topics ranged from career advice to IT instructions, from fire safety to examination expectations.