Women in business

Jaya Sharma, Manchester Business School

Jaya Sharma, one of our UK-based bloggers, is becoming increasingly interested in women in leadership roles Read more

Alexandra Fitzgerald, Rotman School of Management

With a very heavy workload there is not enough time for MBA students to sign up to clubs. Nevrtheless the advice is “to make time” and take advantage of everything that business school has to offer Read more

Karenina Loayza, MBA Cass Business School

Although women have come a long way, there is still much they can do in carving out roles as policital and business leaders Read more

Julia Steinberg

Ahead of International Women’s Day a female MBA blogger reflects on the need for more women in business Read more

Katie Cannon, London Business School

A four-month exchange trip has come to an end and students return to campus in the knowledge that their MBA programme will soon be over Read more

Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

Selecting what is important in one’s life inevitably means having to make sacrifices in other areas Read more

Seda Saracer, SDA Bocconi

As one of female students in the 35th MBA programme of SDA Bocconi, I have joined the Women in Business Club on the programme. Read more