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Tanya Powley

You may not have paid much attention before to what the Liberal Democrats’ policies on tax consist of but now that they’ve taken a surprise lead in the polls it’s worth knowing exactly what they have proposed and how it might affect you. If a hung parliament is the outcome of the upcoming general election then the Lib Dems’ manifesto will be all the more significant.

Lucy Warwick-Ching

It was inevitable, I suppose. David Miliband has 1,424 ‘supporters’ on Facebook. The Treasury has 4,690 followers on Twitter. So now HMRC has taken to social networking to encourage us to come clean about offshore bank accounts.

Dave Hartnett, permanent secretary for tax at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), has posted a hard-hitting two minute video warning about tax dodging on YouTube, warning that anyone ”fiddling” their taxes could face jail.

Lucy Warwick-Ching

The taxman wants to be your friend. But only if you’re one of Britain’s 5,000 richest people.

HMRC recently identified those taxpayers that would sit within its new special “high net worth unit” and has sent letters to this group informing them of its decision. But instead of using its usual formal tones and technical language it has softened its vocabulary and has written about its hopes for an “enhanced relationship”  between the taxman and its “customers” by developing “trust and understanding”.

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