Daily Archives: September 18, 2009

Ralph Atkins

Until last year, industrial output in Finland was growing noticeably faster than elsewhere in the eurozone – faster even than in Germany. Ralph Atkins of the Financial Times talks to Finnish central bank governor, Erkki Liikanen Read more

As money pours out of money market funds, we ask whether equity levels are sustainable and if the return of property-backed debt is a cause for celebration. Food security is a rising international concern and Bill Clinton asks if we should use the unemployed to increase energy efficiency. Read more

The British public finaces are appalling says Chris Giles of the Financial Times and it is important not to become immune to just how bad they have become. But a simple chart shows the problem very starkly.  Read more

A Bank of England lending report suggests Britain has not become repulsed by debt. Rather, big companies are looking elsewhere for funds, small companies can’t get credit and the mortgage market returns to relationship banking, writes Chris Giles of the Financial Times Read more