Daily Archives: September 24, 2009

Ralph Atkins

Central banks have started to unwind some of their emergency measures, Ralph Atkins writes in a blog for the Financial Times Read more

Krishna Guha

The Fed would like to mop up a decent share of its excess reserves to reduce the pressure on the paid interest facility and it’s eying the money-market mutual fund industry to help, writes Krishna Guha of the Financial Times Read more

The new G20 framework is perhaps not the “biggest decision the world has made on economic policy for many years” as Gordon Brown seems to think, writes Chris Giles of the Financial Times Read more

The Financial Times’ Money Supply morning round-up: Tensions persist over the priorities of the g20 summit, amid warnings that the financial crisis is not yet over. Read more

Chris Giles writes on Mervyn King, Bank of England governor, and predictions for sterling.  Read more

Ralph Atkins

Erkki Liikanen, Finland’s central bank governor, takes a cautious view, writes Ralph Atkins of the Financial Times Read more