Daily Archives: October 23, 2009

Money Supply, a Financial Times blog, rounds up the news for Friday, October 23 Read more

UK economy shrinks in third quarter – FT
Fed pay rules to rein in risk-taking – FT
Fed weighs language on rates guidance – FT
Bank deputy Tucker contradicts King – FT
Wolf: Why curbing finance is hard to do – FT
Lombard: Define the bank problem and get on with solving it – FT
Insight: Rally fuelled by cheap money brings a sense of foreboding – FT
US jobless claims climb more than projected – FT
OECD urges swift action on spending – FT
China growth underlines rapid rebound – FT
Questions remain over China’s consumer power – FT
Krugman: The Chinese disconnect – New York Times
New evidence on the rise of trade and social protection – VoxEU
Free Exchange: Chinese growth looks strong – Economist

By any account, the UK’s third quarter contraction of 0.4 per cent is bad, writes Chris Giles of the Financial Times  Read more

Krishna Guha

Krishna Guha of the Financial Times discusses the Fed’s extended period language Read more