Daily Archives: October 27, 2009

Krishna Guha

Is ultra-loose monetary policy fuelling new asset price bubbles? The Fed view is that there is little evidence of this in the US. But it is keeping an eye out all the same.

US house prices may have bottomed but they have not bounced. The equity risk premium on stocks remains high by historic standards. Commodity price strength can be explained by vigour in emerging economies. Read more

Economics headlines from around the web Read more

Have we just seen the turning point in equity markets? A slew of bearish data from the US includes renewed predictions of falling property prices, and the UK should ensure credit is available to non-financial institutions too, if it wants to avoid the fate of mid 1990s Japan Read more

Mure Dickie

The Bank of Japan is laying the ground for an end to emergency measures. But such moves are politically fraught, and the central bank is trying to reassure the public that it has no plans to raise interest rates Read more