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Fifty per cent of the Japanese public think the current interest rate is too low, even though almost 90 per cent of them consider current economic conditions slightly or very unfavourable. People’s views on the future of the economy are increasingly driven by personal or business experiences rather than by the media or official data – and their personal experience is increasingly negative: the survey suggests falling income levels, worsening household circumstances and rising fears over employment and working arrangements.

The Bank of England expects a coming boom. At least that is what is implied by its economic forecasts, writes Chris Giles of the Financial Times, who has translated the charts into figures. It is much more optimistic than the Treasury and independent forecasters, signifying that the recession is over and the recovery will be better than we had feared. Read more

Good macro data from the UK, but a warning from Fitch that the UK is the likeliest of the big economies to suffer a rating downgrade. The chorus of concerns about CRE sings louder, and much debate on Dodd’s regulation reform proposals Read more

The Bank of England has innovated by producing its forecasts as levels of output not changes. But it is still not coming clean about how much of the loss of output in the recession is gone for good, writes Chris Giles of the Financial Times. Read more

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More encouraging unemployment figures from the UK exacerbate the divide between most European labour markets and that in the US this recession. There are many possible explanations writes Chris Giles of the Financial Times, but the result must be a more optimistic Bank of England when it examines the prospects for recovery. Read more

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