Daily Archives: November 18, 2009

A report published by MIT suggests the world faces a uranium shortage from 2013. So, a few excel spreadsheets later, we have a rough-and-ready Vulnerability Index for you. Most vulnerable, by our reckoning, are France, Japan and South Korea. Most secure are Australia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. More here.

Increasing use of nuclear energy requires more uranium, but we’re running out, apparently. And fast. Expect further debates on peak uranium.

The UN food security summit ends with platitudes but little action; the UN has launched a site to help the one billion internet users to feed the one billion hungry. But this is not just a third world issue: US hunger is at a 14-year high, with 49 million Americans now lacking adequate and consistent access to food.  Analysis by state shows Mississippi has the least food security.

Martin Wolf writes the speech he thinks Obama should have made to Hu Read more