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Claire Jones

Sir Mervyn King. Image by Getty.

Sir Mervyn King. Image by Getty.

Welcome to our live blog on Sir Mervyn King’s appearance at the Treasury select committee.

The governor has been called before the committee to field questions on the Monetary Policy Committee’s latest inflation report, which came out earlier this month.

Reporting by Claire Jones. All times are GMT.

17.16 This live blog is now closed.

17.14 Given that the hearing was supposed to be about the MPC’s inflation report, it was ironic that the governor ended up revealing more about what the FPC is likely to recommend in the financial stability report later this week. Read more

Ahead of the Autumn Statement, the Treasury has released some details of its plan for growth, in what appears to be a cynical bid to muddy the waters. The truth is that estimates of Britain’s growth potential are being revised down across the board.

Are the announcements mostly sensible? They’re OK.

Are they large? No.

Will they change the narrative of the Autumn Statement? Only if Britain allows itself to be hoodwinked and reporters are as pliable as ministers hope. Read more