Daily Archives: December 23, 2011

Claire Jones

Money Supply will be taking a break over the festive period, returning on January 3.

Wishing all our readers a merry Christmas and, in the words Sir Mervyn King, “a systemically stable 2012″. Read more

Claire Jones

Wondering where all of that cheap cash that the European Central Bank doled out earlier this week has gone?

Well it would appear a sizeable chunk of it has ended up back at the central bank. 

Yesterday the amount of cash that eurozone banks held on deposit at the ECB hit a new record high for the year of €346.994bn. That’s €133bn higher than at the start of the week. Read more

Claire Jones

Will the Swiss National Bank lower the cap on the euro further in the new year? It might have to if it wants to keep companies in the country happy.

The SNB’s latest exchange rate survey, which the central bank compiles quarterly, shows that an even higher proportion of businesses are struggling despite the introduction of the cap at the beginning of September. Read more