Daily Archives: May 24, 2012

Ralph Atkins

Mario Draghi flew direct from Wednesday night’s Brussels summit to Rome, where he gave a lecture in honour of Federico Caffè, a celebrated Keynesian economist under whom he studied.

His main message was the need for eurozone politicians to come up with a vision for the union’s future. But he also admitted that his university thesis was sceptical about the idea of a single currency area. Read more

Claire Jones

David Miles, the only one of the Monetary Policy Committee’s nine members to call for more money printing at the past two votes, has given an interesting speech today.

The speech presents the case for doing more based in part on the view that, if the MPC continues to do nothing, or — worse still — tightens policy, then this could destroy the UK economy’s productive capacity and, hence, its ability to grow at the pace seen before the financial crisis.  Read more