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At Wednesday’s Bank of England inflation report, the Monetary Policy Committee took a look at its August economic forecasts and said “what bunch of extreme pessimists produced these?” No one needs to answer that question.

The MPC then revised its growth forecast sharply higher with the consequence that unemployment was expected to fall much quicker, hitting 7 per cent 18 months earlier than it thought in August. But the best news for people in Britain was that in the November forecasts imply the people in charge of interest rates think inflationary pressures are weaker than in August, so more rapid growth and lower unemployment comes without the cost of higher inflation.

In times past, such an inflation report would have been seen as dovish. Even with stronger growth expected, the inflation forecast was revised down so there was less need to tighten monetary policy. Everyone would have understood the meaning. Read more

Emily Cadman

Bank of England governor Mark Carney will be taking questions from the press after the release of the bank’s latest inflation report. All eyes will be focused on any changes to the forward guidance

Rapidly moderating inflation – as measured by the CPI – and falling unemployment mean the bank is facing a far more positive economic backdrop than many expected last quarter.

By Emily Cadman, with economics editor Chris Giles and economics reporter Clare Jones at the Bank of England