Daily Archives: February 12, 2014

The question seems absurd. John Rentoul of the Sunday Independent would be tempted to add it immediately to his list of journalistic questions to which the answer is “no”. I think the answer is obviously “no”.

But the Treasury and the Information Commissioner believe anyone revealing details of the Bank of England’s forecasts is doing something that is:

“likely to have a destabilising effect on the financial markets and thus have a prejudicial effect on the economic interests of all or part of the UK”.

Hence, in the eyes of government, Mr Carney, who revealed details of the BoE forecasts on Wednesday, is something of a traitor. At least that was the view of the Treasury last year. Read more

John Aglionby

With the UK unemployment rate falling faster than expected towards his 7.0 per cent threshold as the economic recovery picks up steam, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney is under pressure from the markets to update his forward guidance on interest rates when he presents his quarterly inflation review.

The Monetary Policy Committee will also reveal its quarterly forecasts for growth and inflation

By Sarah O’Connor and John Aglionby