UK Parliament

The UK economy is at a standstill and opinions on how to get it going are divided. Should we rely on an aggressive monetary policy or is it time to borrow more and invest? Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator, and Chris Giles, economics editor, put forward their opposing views on what George Osborne’s Budget needs to deliver. Who do you think is right?

Being prepared for big economic statements, such as tomorrow’s Autumn Statement, is a must, given the quantity of information released in such a short time. Even though this will be the 41st Budget, Autumn Statement or pre-Budget report I have covered, I try not to be complacent.

Here’s what I think is important (sorry about the length), what type of analysis is relevant to understanding Britain’s economy and public finances, and at the bottom is a moan about the way in which George Osborne has decided to follow Gordon Brown down the road of playing games with numbers. Read more

Claire Jones

Erkki Liikanen, governor of Finland’s central bank and author of the eponymous review into the structure of Europe’s banks, appeared before UK lawmakers on Monday as part of parliament’s commission on banking standards.

There wasn’t much new information on the Liikanen proposals, which require some aspects of trading activity to be separated from banks’ deposit-taking operations.

But there was an interesting spat between a cantankerous Lord Lawson, the former chancellor of the exchequer who sits on the commission, and Mr Liikanen. Read more