ECB executive board

Claire Jones

Last month, students from four continents joined forces to call for reform of the economics curriculum.

In an open letter, the students said they wanted their courses to delve into a wider range of economics theories and methodologies than the standard neo-classical model that dominates undergraduate teaching, and to learn more about the implications of policy-making.

Speaking to those students was a heartening experience – all of them struck me as extremely thoughtful and articulate. Their desire for reform seemed driven by a curiosity about the world and what economics could do to improve it.

I suspect they’ll be encouraged by comments made in a speech today by the similarly thoughtful and articulate Benoît Cœuré, who sits on the European Central Bank’s executive board. Read more

Ralph Atkins

And now Finland. Jyrki Katainen, the country’s prime minister, has joined calls for a northern European to be appointed to an upcoming vacancy on the European Central Bank’s six-man executive board.

As reported by the Financial Times, a north-south divide has opened up over the successor to Spain’s José Manuel González-Páramo, whose eight-year term expires at the end of May. Madrid has nominated another Spaniard as his replacement. But Luxembourg and Slovenia have put forward their own candidates, and the Netherlands has also expressed worries about the disproportionate number of southern Europeans on the board. Read more