The G20 summit is done and dusted. The outcome pretty much as expected with the G20 now at the centre of global economic policy making. But the differences with past policy making are not as great as some of colourful language writes Chris Giles of the Financial Times Read more

The G20 leaders are set to work together on reforming the world economy but there are many potential pitfalls ahead.  Read more

The emerging G20 communique is a traditional compromise. To please the US and the UK respectively, the words “framework” and “compact” are both used. To please Germany and emerging countries, there is no binding mechanism to force countries to follow G20 missives in future. Fierce arguments which the FT reported today over seats on the IMF board and other reform issues have been swept under the carpet.

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The new G20 framework is perhaps not the “biggest decision the world has made on economic policy for many years” as Gordon Brown seems to think, writes Chris Giles of the Financial Times Read more

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The G20 wants to make a splash with a new framework for jobs and balanced world growth. This is a fine ambition, writes Chris Giles of the Financial Times, but haven’t we haven’t we been here before, he asks. IMF documents show the ambitions and process already exists. Read more

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it’s good that the G20 is discussing global imbalances at the coming G20 summit, writes Chris Giles of the Financial Times, but no one should be suckered by warm words on imbalances. We’ve been there far too many times before. Process and accountability are everything. Read more