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Gordon Brown has intervened to block legislation to reform hedge funds and the private equity industry. Eighty per cent of the European hedge fund industry is based in London.

The issue has been dropped from the agenda of the next meeting of European Finance Ministers, though this is only a postponement. Officials say the vote should happen by June, handily after the British election. More on ft.com.

A report requested by the G20 recommends hedge funds should be subject to minimum risk measurement standards and reporting requirements. Minimum initial and outgoing capital requirements should be imposed on systemically relevant hedge funds.

The Joint Forum – an international panel from the banking, insurance and securities industries – has released its report snappily named the “Review of the Differentiated Nature and Scope of Financial Regulation”. It is 132 pages of assessment and recommendation on the regulation of the financial sector. The Forum found surprising and growing levels of convergence in regulation. But it points out areas of risk and makes 17 recommendations, summarised below. Read more

Ralph Atkins

Statistics latest: the European Central Bank has launched new data on eurozone investment funds, separating out for the first time information on the hedge fund sector.

What does it show? Er, the eurozone hedge fund industry is not very big – representing just 2 per cent of the share or units issued by investment funds in the 16 country region. That is perhaps not surprising. Continental Europe has nothing to rival, say, Mayfair in London. The largest part (49 per cent) of the eurozone industry is in Ireland, with Luxembourg (19 per cent), Italy (14 per cent) and Malta (6 per cent) accounting for most of the rest. Read more

The G20 has broken its no-protectionism pledge once every three days, as the US-China trade dispute intensifies. France overhauls its economic indicators, sovereign wealth funds increase globally and hedge funds head to the Middle East Read more

The Coalition of Private Investment Companies (CPIC) has launched a website to clarify hedge fund numbers, strategies and uses to investors, writes Emma Saunders of the Financial Times Read more